The Easy Way To Put Google Maps Information On Your Web Store

Putting up a location on your web store is as necessary as locating where the transaction should be done when buying products from your store will be. Most online stores do put locations or Google maps to their web pages to accurately prove the legitimacy of the business. I mean what kind of business would be functioning if there is no physical store location on where the manpower and production takes place. The magento store locator extension is highly as important as putting up the basic information of your store on what it offers.

As a business owner and you are trying to set up a Google maps information on your web store you need to know that Google will, in some situations, display other business similar to what you offer from surrounding communities in the search results and you are only allowed to register your business in a town or city where your business if physically located. If your business is already established, chances are you already exist on Google, your name may be placed on the business directory and you just need to claim it and have that link placed on your web page. However, if you are still new in this kind of business it is best to register your name on Google My Business. First you have to search it to the web page, Google My Business, get on Google and enter your business name and address in the search box, next, select or add your business, normally suggested matches will appear so it is up to your which type of business or category you are offering to the customers on that area. After which, you need to verify your business and Google will do it for you, usually it will take 1-2 weeks before it is all finished and will take time for the team to verify and place a pin on the location.