Toshiba’s Long History Making Heat Pumps Dates Back 60 Years

Creating a quality product from scratch isn’t an easy feat. After all, one should thoroughly back the creation process with extensive research so as to ensure its quality. Who would want to purchase a product that doesn’t put up with the standards, right?

And, when it comes to home heating and cooling systems, it’s best that you source the equipment from a reliable company – one that’s backed with years of research and product development, to ensure that you’ll only get the best with the amount you invested.

As such, if you’re a new homeowner, you can definitely give Toshiba heat pump (Toshiba Varmepumpe) a try. This Japanese-based company’s known worldwide for the creation of various products, ranging from heat pumps, electronics, and a lot more to mention through the years. In fact, they’ve already surpassed the golden anniversary mark, and they’re still standing strong.

So, here’s a little bit of flashback on how Toshiba became a standard in the heat pumps development arena.


  • Establishment of Tanaka Engineering Works
  • Produced the first telegraphic equipment


  • Tanaka Engineering Works evolved into Toshiba Corporation
  • Based in Japan
  • Developed new technologies in various areas, including heat pumps and air conditioners


  • Launching of the first air conditioners for home use


  • World’s first split-air conditioning system was launched


  • First roller piston compressor was developed
  • Dominant technology used in the air-air heat pumps


  • Developed the inverter technology, using rotational speed gating for the roller piston compressor


  • Digital twin roller piston compressor was developed to produce better power


  • Launching of Daiseikai, one of the most advanced electrostatic air filters available in the market


  • Phasing out of ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • Used R410A for a more environment-friendly heat pump


  • Inverter scroll compressor recognized by Japanese Ministry of Industry

As you can see, despite surpassing the 60-year mark, Toshiba’s been dedicated to produce only but the best quality heat pumps in the world. Every product they make, they make sure to back it up with extensive research, designing and even seek for creative and innovative solutions.