Metal Prints: How Long Does It Take To Make Them?

There is no denying that metal prints are getting so popular now. It’s because of the fact that it is a great new look, especially if you mount them in a frame. It is considered as a new medium that shows off detail and really pops.

These types of prints can hold up in busy public spaces such as hospitals, although in busy places where they might be touched it is always suggested that you use an acrylic face to protect the prints. Protective varnishes don’t work with metal prints like they do with canvas prints. Also, the quality of metal prints are archival and that they are just as colorful as prints on fine art paper.

Understanding the Process of Metal Printing

If you are new to the world of photography, you are probably aware of the fact that one of the hottest new printing styles is on metal. Metal prints are exactly what they sound like, in that your image is printed onto aluminum and then mounted to some sort of float mount. After that, your print is ready to go. Because of durability, archival quality, and convenience, they are quickly becoming the new standard for displaying and selling art.

There are actually two types of metal printing. The first is sublimation, and the second is a light table process that uses UV light to harden the ink. The printer that they use is actually the same printer used to print all other types of photos. It still is a professional printer that is massive though.

The special part is the ink that is used for the printing itself. The printing does not take too long that you can actually pick them up the same day. You want to learn more? Just click to find out the details.